Blind Fools 

Blinded by your arrogance
Blinded from reality
Distorted pictures of the present
Surface indefinitely

Weak you say not
Only temporarily misfortuned
Excuses arises with swiftness and
Yet no hesitation

Blinded by your state of mind
Hidden from the truth
Prepares your destiny for
A lack of exotic fruit

Weak you say not
Only temporarily misfortuned
Will hold you in the audience
Of your life curtain

So takeoff the blindfold
And see the light
Although bright,
Will unveil your chosen destiny
As your right.

Blinded by your arrogance
Blinded by your state of mind
Blinded by all reality
Life will make you its fool kindly.



As I drove to meet them, all I kept thinking about was the last time we had a moment like this. Time flies and sometimes it is hard to find the time to do everything you want to do. These women are not only family but also my best friends. As family we all drive each other crazy at times. When we are not driving each other crazy we are laughing about how our craziness affects our significant others.  As we toasted to our first mimosa of brunch, we smiled and I knew this was going to be a moment for the books.

Brunch with my sister can go a couple different ways. Sometimes she complains that the restaurants I pick are too trendy and she has a traditional palette or maybe sometimes she expects more because I pick a traditional breakfast place and she anticipated something trendier. However, brunch with my niece is always entertaining because she is in a place in her life that I have been before. Some of her stories remind me of lessons I learned at her age. But I have moved on the protective aunt. She knows my stories and I explain to her that when she is ready she will enter a different phase of her life.

As we ate and chatted, our conversations revolved around our own personal insecurities. One of us would start of by saying “am I crazy for reacting this way because of this…” and then the other two would agree that she wasn’t crazy at all. But was that the truth? I mean we are all related and have similar tendencies. Therefore, I wouldn’t call either of them crazy for something I would do because then I would implicate myself. And as our conversations continued, we added how our significant others make us feel crazy. For 2 hours of brunch, every other sentence contained the word crazy. We chuckled at each other and added our own two cents but deep down our questions were sincere to each other. Whoever may have been listening to our discussion probably thought we were joking with all the laughing that filled the air. At a point, each of us had tears in our eyes from all the laughing. But, we were not joking.  All of our questions came from a deep part of us. We were sharing parts of our insecurities.

As I reflect on our insecurities, I think about the intimacy that was just shared with these amazing women, my family. We over analyze our situations or under analyze them to suit what we are comfortable with. But each of us is beautiful in our own right.  We are all successful in our own right. We have all achieved so much. None of us are afraid of hard work but we are sometimes scared of our mirrors. So, we may stray away for a while and avoid each other. Or, worse we lash out at each other. And sometimes, we think if we do not say it out loud it is not real. But the truth is, we are a little crazy. Everyone is. When you are passionate about something and you do not feel that passion reciprocated, it creates a hole. More specifically, a black hole that spirals out our insecurities and causes us to put up our defenses so fast we do not realize it. Weihui Zhou said “crazy people are considered mad by the rest of the society only because their intelligence isn’t understood.” Well maybe we think we are crazy because we do not fully understand our selves. As we experience something new, that new experience changes us. We are constantly changing and growing with each new experience.  So maybe it is just difficult for us or anyone else to keep up with how fast we grow.

The Turn of the Day

I woke up not in the best of moods and with a false sense of where my day was headed. It was just one of those mornings where you knew everything would go wrong and you wanted the privacy where there was none.

As I drove to work which I rarely do but I missed my train, bad day as I expected, I thought about what else could go wrong. As sure as day, I pulled into the parking garage and needed to see the parking attendant because of issues I was having. All I kept telling myself was “I knew it”.

When I started to settle in at work I thought about the book “The Secret” and my “The Secret” journal. While writing in that particular journal, I learned a lot. Like, how to pick a part the so-called “bad days” and find moments of appreciation. While this was stirring in my mind, my mood started to change.

As lunch time neared, I was starting to remember the excitement of today. I was having lunch with someone I had never met before but had several phone conversations that sparked a kind of kinship.

As I walked to the restaurant, I replayed our previous conversations in my head and started to get more excited with every memory. This was a person I could chat with for hours, even though it hadn’t happened.

Mid way through lunch we were recommending books to each other, restaurants, recipes, movies etc. Then out of nowhere, I started to discuss my writing fears. These are fears I have yet to articulate out loud until now. She gave me the advice I knew all too well but had not put into practice, just write.

“You’ve got to go out on a limb sometimes because that’s where the fruit is.” ~ Will Rogers

And here is me going out on a limb.